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Brew Time:

3-5 minutes


2 mugs

About this method

A personal favourite over here at Max Coffee. Pourover methods have stood the test of time and give you a clean flavoursome cup of coffee that can be savoured from start to finish.

A lot of people will be familiar with mechanical filter paper methods- the machine that sat on the kitchen bench filling the house with the smell of coffee. Well this pourover method is essentially the same concept except that by controlling it manually, we will get a much more balanced flavour as we avoid dumping all the water on at once which can over-brew the coffee and leave a bitter taste. Not to mention this method just looks pretty cool when brought out at a dinner party and is very therapeutic to make.

Whether you use a cone filter like a V60 or its bigger cousin the Chemex, this recipe works well for either. As always, adjust the ingredients for bigger or smaller volumes. To make it easier to control how much water you are adding, consider a gooseneck kettle for a precision pour.

What you'll need:

  • 30g coffee

  • 500ml water

  • Filter paper

  • Timer

  • Kitchen Scales

The Max Method

Step 1

Place your filter paper in the brewer and pour your freshly boiled water through it (this will rinse the filter paper of any negative tastes and heat the server) Pour our the excess water once completed.

Step 2

Place your brewer on a set of scales and add your ground coffee to your filter paper. Zero the scales.

Step 3

Start your timer and pour in 60ml of water (or twice the amount of coffee used if using a different recipe). Wait 30 seconds while the coffee absorbs the water.

Step 4

At 30 seconds, slowly begin adding the remaining water bit by bit. Doing this instead of dumping all the water in at once will help the coffee not to over-extract in the cone. Patience is the key here.

Step 5

Once completed, remove the filter paper, serve and enjoy!

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