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Brew Time:

28-33 seconds


double shot

About this method

In the last few years, espresso machines at home have exploded in popularity. Partly as a result to the Covid lockdowns closing our local cafes, it became very clear that New Zealanders considered their coffee consumption an essential part of everyday life.

Espressos, or Short Blacks as they are fondly known in Aotearoa, are the base of all barista made coffees. Whether you drink a latte, flat white, cappuccino, long black, americano or a good old mocha- its the espresso that gives you the underlying experience. Knowing how to get this right consistently is the difference between you necking a coffee with a grin or scrunching your face like you've bitten into a lemon.

Our Max steps will help guide you through the basic principles of home espresso construction and check out the top tips to help make some adjustments if you need.

What you'll need:

Max Coffee recipe recommendation:

  • 19g espresso grind coffee

  • 40ml water

  • Digital scales

  • Timer

The Max Method

Step 1

Make sure your portafilter is in the machine so its hot and ready to use.

Step 2

Remove the portafilter and knock out any old coffee. Wipe the portafilter basket clean with a soft cloth to remove any remaining coffee pieces.

Step 3

Quickly flush some water through the group head into the drip tray to remove any old coffee left inside. We don't want this old coffee to go into our new drink.

Step 4

Using your scales, add 19g of espresso ground coffee to the portafilter (or the desired amount if you are using a different recipe). Using fresh coffee that has been stored airtight will make a huge difference to the flavour.

Step 5

Tamp (squash) your coffee down until its hand-tight and make sure that it is sitting level inside the portafilter basket.

Step 6

Reinsert the portafilter into the group head and place your cup underneath the portafilter spouts.

Step 7

Start your timer and water button at the same time. Once you have achieved your desired volume of water, stop the flow and stop your timer. If the shot finished in the desired time- Enjoy!

Step 8 (bonus step)

If your shot time was incorrect or your espresso is tasting bitter or sour, try adjusting your grind if you are grinding your coffee beans fresh.

  • Pour too slow/dry and bitter- make your grind coarser.

  • Pour too fast/sour- make your grind finer.

Once you have found the time/taste that works for you, remember your grinder setting for future espressos!

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