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Brew Time:

2 mins 30 secs


1 mug

About this method

One of the more unusual methods for making awesome coffee, it has become a fan favourite throughout the world for its easy to use style, portability and being super easy to clean. There's even a world championship dedicated to using it!

What we love about this method is the combination of the infusion style brewing similar to the plunger, which gives a great body to the coffee, but then also uses a paper filter once your ready to give you the smooth cleanliness of a pourover.

There are a couple of different ways to brew with this, we are going to show you the easy, traditional method that never fails to deliver.

What you'll need:

  • 15g filter grind coffee

  • 250ml water

  • Aeropress filter paper

  • Kitchen Scales

  • Timer

The Max Method

Step 1

Place the filter paper into the filter paper holder and lock into the body of the brewer. Wet the filter paper with hot water to remove the papery taste.

Step 2

Place your favourite mug on a set of kitchen scales and then put the main part of the brewer on the mug (with the filter part facing down).

Step 3

Add 15g coffee and then zero the scales.

Step 4

Start your timer and add 30ml of hot water (off the boil) onto the coffee and stir. Wait 30 seconds. This will allow the coffee to absorb the water.

Step 5

Add the remaining 220ml of water and attach the plunger part to the top of the brew. Don't press down just yet!

Step 6

Remove the equipment from your scales and wait for 2 minutes...

Step 7

When ready, begin to slowly push downwards on the plunger until all the coffee has been pushed through the filter. You will hear a hiss once this has been completed. Enjoy!

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