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Taste life with Max Coffee.

Based in the Bay of Islands, heartland and birthplace of the nation. Home of outdoor adventure, the hole in the rock, 90 mile beach, 150,000 Northlanders and 8000 kiwi birds. Land of raw beauty, MIGHTY kauri forests and the Titoki Ladies Club Wednesday afternoon bridge tournament. This is where we fish, dive, golf, ride, surf, swim, hunt, hike and make premium high quality, boutique roasted, award winning coffee. We're Aotearoa’s best kept secret...

Pass it on.

Founded in 1999, Max Coffee is a proudly family owned, Northland based business. We strive to represent Northland in everything we do and there isn’t much that’s loved more in Northland than amazing coffee.


Whether you are a café owner looking for a brand that can take you to the next level, a coffee lover who likes to get their caffeine kicks at home or someone who wants to make sure their work mates are well fuelled- we’ve got you covered.


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